A Benedictine’s Monk Career

Father Martin took on a career choice that baffled all his classmates at Saint Anselm College. He recalls: “This unexpected turn was not taken without trepidations and many doubts along the way.  As in any important choice, there is always the ‘what if?’ question.  What if I had decided to join the military or work in the food industry? Where would I be now?”

While ”Benedictine life is seeking God and responding to Him in a life of prayer,” in actuality Father Martin’s life was far from dull. He may not have as many worldly goods as the average man, but his varied accomplishments are those of a creative, hard-working mind. With the humility and contemplative nature prescribed by Saint Benedict’s Rule he has held important positions in life and realized goals that may not have been possible if he entered a traditional career. Read on


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